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sonja mainieri

sonja mainieri

Massimiliano (Max) Amato
Born in Rome on 14 October 1963.

After graduating from an arts-based high school (1981) I studied economics at University for two years. Then I began to study visual arts and work in independent theatre and cinema. I staged works by Luigi Pirandello, Tennessee Williams, Slawomir Mrožek, Sam Shepard, Jean Cocteau, Neil LaBute. I have directed and produced features and documentaries.

EXIT A Personal History (2010) is my first feature film as producer, director and screenwriter, which obtained a CICAE special mention and a best actor award at the Annecy Cinéma Italien Festival (2010). Monty Banks Film Festival 2011 Official Competition – CinemAnimaMente 2011- Roma 3 film festival 2011.

Freddy Hotel (2013) is my second feature film as producer, director and screenwriter. Official competition INDEPENDENT DAYS FILM FESTIVAL 2015 (Germany).

From 2000 to 2013 I developed a new production model of cultural contents, and increased my knowledge of digital technologies. I’ve been a tester and consultant for Italian and foreign (USA – Germany – Italy) VOD platforms, developer of many cultural projects. As a video-artist I’ve produced FOOTAGE 2014, a collection of video-art works selected by the curator of JUST A MOMENT PLEASE! (Contemporary Art Exhibition Rome 2014 Palazzo dei Congressi Eur), and from the gallery Porta Mazzini (Plus Arte Puls) a collective exhibition titled PARADISE LOST curated by Giuseppe Ussani d’Escobar. One of the video Sense of Guilt is now property of MUSEUM, a private collection of modern art in Sicily.

THE REST WITH MY EYES is the last feature film produced (2016). 

Massimiliano Amato was born in Rome on 14 October 1963. After graduating from an artistic high school, he studied law and economics for two years before focusing on photography, theatre and the use of digital technologies in cinema. An actor, director, photographer and, most recently, film-maker, he was among the first directors to experiment with the digital to film transfer method, a post-production process for printing digital images and sequences on film. He was also a pioneer in the use of some important digital platforms for the distribution of cinematographic material. As an actor and director he has brought to the stage works by Luigi Pirandello, Tennessee Williams, Slawomir Mrožek, Sam Shepard, Jean Cocteau and Neil LaBute, as well as adaptations of Studs Terkel’s “Working”. He has worked for several RAI and MEDIASET television productions under directors such as Luigi Perelli, Donatella Maiorca, Raffaele Mertes, Antonello Grimaldi, Robert Chapman and Nicola Rondolino. He has worked with film directors including Barbara Dall’Angelo (CSC), Robert Hellis Miller, Andrea Lodovichetti (CSC) and Maurizio Ponzi, as well as Carlo Verdone in 2003 through the film “MA CHE COLPA ABBIAMO NOI”. As an author, he has shot and produced a documentary on independent cinema and a short film on anti-personnel mines. In 2010 he produced “EXIT Una storia personale”, his first feature film as a director and scriptwriter: a completely self-produced movie, shot without a crew (Annecy Cinéma Italien 2010 Menzione Speciale CICAE). In 2013 he brought to the stage Neil LaBute’s play “IN A DARK DARK HOUSE” for the first time in Italy, and completed the feature film “FREDDY HOTEL”, the second chapter of his trilogy on feelings (in competition at the INDEPENDENT DAYS FILM FESTIVAL, Germany 2015). “FOOTAGE 2014”, a contemporary art project, is his first video artwork. It was shown on a large screen at JUST A MOMENT PLEASE, a group exhibition curated by Giuseppe Ussani d’Escobar and held in the Palazzo dei Congressi in Rome on 18 September 2014. In 2015 he took part in another collective exhibition, DARKROOM PROJECT, and started shooting his third feature film, “THE REST WITH MY EYES”, which completes his trilogy.


Awards & Festivals



Prix d’Interprétation masculine à Luca Guastini pour son ròle dans le film “EXIT Una Storia Personale” de Max Amato

Mention spéciale (CICAE – Pierre Todeschini) à Max Amato pour son film “EXIT Una Storia Personale”

Monty Banks 2011, in competition

CinemAnimaMente 2011

Festival RomaTRE 2011

Independent Days Film Festival (Germany 2015), in competition


Film Bio


2016 “THE REST WITH MY EYES” story and screenplay / directing and production

2013 “FREDDY HOTEL” story and screenplay / directing and production

2009 ”EXIT Una storia personale” story and screenplay / directing and production

2003 “A DREAM” by Max Amato. Sonar International Film festival

2003 “ IL CINEMA CLANDESTINO “Sonar International Film festival Immaginaria film festival



“Footage”, 2014

“Plus Art Pulse”, 2015

“Darkroom project”, 2015