25 February 2016


NP THE REST WITH MY EYES a feature film by Massimiliano Amato


Written, directed and produced by Massimiliano (Max) Amato

Format: 2K 1.85 – Colour and B&W

Year: 2016

Running time: 91 min.

Locations: Italy, France, Holland

Music: Francesco Perri and Rocco Cavalera

Language: Italian & French V.O. – with subtitles

Executive Producer: Salvatore Scarico

Characters Actors
Claudia Cattelan Claudia Catani
Serge Coran Bruno Rochette
Alessandro Alessandro Vantini
Céline, Serge Coran’s wife Céline Liger
Nick Nicola Garofalo
Cristina, Claudia Cattelan’s colleague Maria Cristina Blu
Cristina’s husband Diego Bottiglieri
Julie, actress at the first audition Giulia Innocenti
Alberto, actor at the first audition Alberto Tordi
Actress at the second audition Eleonora Siro
Paris Director Sébastien Bidault
Aurélia, Serge Coran’s daughter Aurélia Beraldo
Paris assistant director Ludovica Sistopaoli
Serge Coran’s colleague Isabelle Noérie
Serge Coran’s colleague Gwendal Audrain
Paris theatre director Desireé Olmi
Female tango dancer Marine Galstyan
Male tango dancer Sargis Galstyan
Video-art actress Giulia Morgani
Video-art actor Luca Guastini
Babysitter Marcella Braga
Sarah, Claudia Cattelan’s daughter Sarah Sophia De Hertog
Mimì, Claudia Cattelan’s daughter Myriam Shanti Fatone
Assistant at the first audition Isabella De Marco


Claudia Cattelan, an Italian video-artist, is preparing a film for the cinema, a rather unusual project that blends real life and fiction. As any director would, she meets and auditions different actors, but does not seem very satisfied. She then travels to Rotterdam, where her film is set, to suss out the locations. Here she meets a French actor and offers him the lead role. Although he is not very famous, Serge Coran is a serious professional who after years of playing the houses still hasn’t had the opportunity to star in a lead cinema role. He has travelled all the way to Rotterdam precisely for this reason, but finds the meeting place and the audition he is given rather unusual. In a hotel he is shown some videos, contemporary artworks created by Claudia Cattelan, and starts reading the script. Something disturbs him deep down, but he is not sure what it is. Serge takes some time to think it over and informs his agent of the offer. The same day, Serge and Claudia spend the evening together and end up in each other’s arms – an unexpected night of love, two lonely hearts that meet, or possibly just a fated encounter…